Training on design thinking for curriculum design and cell biolog was held, being a prerequisite for the successful creation of the project results. The training was designed and led by the Spanish University of Pompeu Fabra and fabula movens d.o.o., project trainer, Branka Bernard, PhD. The methodology of “design thinking” was used, which can help curriculum creators in the context of better understanding of target groups – preschool children and educators. An innovative ILDE platform was also presented, which will be used for the purposes of collaborative learning within the CACAO project.

The CACAO curricula address two target groups (a) 5-6-year-old children and (b) preschool teachers, thus they develop in different methodological directions. However, they are both founded upon common stated philosophy of music, musical aim, and objectives, learning theories (social dimension of learning, communicative musicality, human agency, flow) principles, values, and music content.

In the training, participants got an overview of state-of-the-art research in cellular communication (cellular solidarity), genomics, epigenomics, big data, evolution, immunological response to viral infections. Partners in the consortium became familiar with: Design Thinking methodology applied to curriculum design, set of biological concepts which will become a part of CACAO curricula.; informal certification practices of the acquired skills and competencies; a virtual collaborative environment which allows the collaborative work on project result 1 and project result 2.

The partners also had the opportunity for social gatherings during which they got acquainted with the cultural and gastronomic heritage of Istria.