Impact of the CACAO project on children and teachers was scientifically tested.

Results reveal that the project has accomplished its objectives to the highest extent:

1. Children’s biology knowledge significantly increased in both biology groups, but more so when they learned biology by using music and movement than if they learned biology without music.

2. Parents and teachers noticed that children were more motivated for biology and music-related activities in both biology groups – with and without music.

3. According to teachers, children’s music-related creative expression was increased in the group that pursued biology and music.

4. Parents estimated that children’s creativity and interaction with peers was encouraged in both biology groups – with and without music.

5. According to parents, in the music and biology group children enjoyed learning more, they were more motivated, had more fun, and became more confident and proud of themselves.

6. Teachers in both biology groups – with and without music, estimated an increase in their competencies and confidence in the field of cell biology and cooperation with colleagues.

7. Pursuing of the biology and music activities had advantages for teachers: it was a novelty for them, it was not boring to implement, and it encouraged them to learn and be more creative, especially in musical expression.