Project Description

Fabula movens is a small Croatian enterprise that takes research-based approaches to develop innovative training and learning programs offered by established Croatian researchers, science communicators, teachers, and trainers. Through collaboration with Universities and Research Institutions, company is working towards integrating advances in the science of education into everyday education practices. Evidence-based education requires ongoing, systematic support of scientific research and development of education interventions. Fabula movens gathers experts in the fields of science, communication, art, and EU projects. Branka Bernard, Ph.D. is co-founder of Fabula movens d.o.o. She combines her 10 years of research experience combining molecular and mathematical biology with passion and experience in projects creating innovations in education. Ivan Katavic is co-founder of Fabula movens d.o.o. with 7+ years of background in the field of work on projects financed by the European Union. He was primarily involved in work roles in the field of quality assurance, compliance, and oversight.